Youth Movie outing @ Mall Cineplex watching Toys Story 3

IMG_7388 Thanks to Joshua for organising the outing to watch Toys Story 3; even thought it is a bit rush for some of us since we are watching the 5:30pm show. Well for only $4 per person, a movie before 6pm is still  one of the activity I will love to go. 

So, how’s Toys Story 3? Absolutely incredible! Can’t really remember how’s the part I and part II so can’t really compare with it. But if you enjoy part I & part II, there is absolute no excuse for missing part III, must watch!!! I am happy to give 9.5/10

For movie review, I pretty sure you can find a good review online or I know someone will gonna write one >W<


IMG_7379This mind be the last ever movie outing with the Lap Lap, but I pretty sure one way or the others we will able to meet again for some more awesome time.