Farewell dinner for Lap Lap family


Last night, we have a fare well dinner at Mary place for our beloved Lap Lap family. Since they will be migrant to Canada and starting a new chapter in their life, and they will be leaving next week. So we have to take any opportunity to  able to spend time with them. More importantly to acknowledge how much lap lap family have contribute and impact our life in one ways or the others.IMG_6898

So for the nights, various people gather together no just for makan, but also to present something for the Lap Lap family. Quit a few songs was presented, while the singer may not qualify to enter American Next Idol final, but creative / hidden talents was manifested for such a time like this. 


Last time, we used to have a group called MTV (Muara Television) that was leaded by Ray & Eva, the core duty for such group is gather a group of peoples to present items for various events; and I must said they did pretty well. Since MTV is disbanding due to the departure of Lap Lap family, a new group called APTA (All Philippine Talents Association) + import has raise to take the challenge. They literately make the audiences Roll On the Floor Laughing while also make us drop plenty of tears!!! Just can’t imagine how much tissue papers we have used last nights.IMG_7271

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