Departure of Lap Lap family


Today is the departure date for lap lap family; as far as I can remembered, I have knew Lap Lap family for almost 10 years or more. All the family members from the dad (Ray), wife (Eva), Joshua, Joel and Hannah have impacted my life one way or another.

They are a family gifted with musical talents, hospitability, creativity and more importantly a heart for peoples and a heart for Him. I have in my life received critics, advise and encouragement from this family; and working with their kids when their are as young as form 1/2 in music ministry, and they have been in the band ever since the time I started the youth team. It is really sad to see them leaves, but knowing that it is for the greater goods for the family that we are happy to send them with a blessing. Since we all know and believe that such separation is only temporary for we will for sure meet each other again one way or others.

IMG_8175-EditAt the airport, it was flooded with a big group of peoples ready to send them off, I always believe that number of peoples whom come to send you off will always speak about how much you have impacted the life of others (not unless your flight is at odd hour where peoples can’t make it lah) :p

To lap lap family, thanks you so much for treating me as part of your family through out this time, teaching me so much and being an example as how a family can be and a testimony not just for me, but also to Lily also. Thanks you, God bless you all and paalam!!! Sana magkikita tayo muli! ^w^