No Apologies 2010


IMG_4614  Sorry for the late of update lately, been really busy with various stuffs regarding works, personnel life and also the preparation for No Apologies seminar. No Apologies is originated from Focus on the Family, USA; it is a program to teach and educate youth the truth about Life, Love and sex and also to encourage them to remain abstinence til they are marriage. It is the first time we run it, so we are pretty anxious about it, but overall I believe the whole thing is a success. Almost all of them pledge for their abstinence!!! \(^w^)/

Even though the whole thing is really tiring, but knowing all those attends have something valuable impact into their life, it is something that I believe they can be proud of when they achieve better life when they grow older. Once I think that about it, this whole things is worth our effort.