Dinner @ XCape Restaurant


Sunday night, me, Majorie, Lily, Stanley, Michelle went together to Xcape Gadong for dinner under the request of Michelle dad. This was the 2nd time we actually came out together for dinner, last time was a surprise birthday dinner for Stanley.

We ordered almost close to 20 dish if not mistaken, we ate so fast that as if we not haven’t eaten for ages. But it was a really good time together and I enjoy it, and they actually make use of the plate and some left over stuffs to make a weird smiling face XDIMG_1582

During Saturday some of us played a game that you have stuck marshmallow and said “Chunky Bunny #” where # is the number of marshmallow inside your mouth. So Lily and Michelle loved the game so much that they actually go and buy a packet of marshmallow and played the game while we are on our way home, it was freaky funny XD