IMG_8953 We continue on with our APYAC conference after an consider early sleep compare to the night before, so everyone is much more energise. Japan team is staying on the same hotel with us.


Mr Sri Lanka & Miss Vietnam

IMG_9062 Brunei + Vietnam + Thailand


It show that when you have the same interest, compassion and desire,  human is capable to let go the racial differences and working together to archive greater goals.

When we have our break, we bump into a old friends that we haven’t meet for ages “Jeffrey”, he drop by to see how’s his children doing, his children grow so much that no way I can recognise them. Since they have left Brunei over 7 years? It is great to see some familiar faces after a long while. :)

IMG_9170 We saw this car when we are back to hotel, and all of us are pretty excited since we hardly saw it in Brunei. They just can’t get enough with this wonder. IMG_9183 Go Facebook for photo, thanks >w<