Day 2 of our trip, all of us have to wake up around 6 plus to have an early breakfast since the registration will start at 8:30am. As most of us have less than 5 hour of sleep, so breakfast is so essential for us. Since not all of us got to have breakfast in the hotel, for those that doesn’t include in the hotel breakfast we have to eat out, but youth being youth. . . .

They decided to have this for breakfast. . . . .


Some of us decided to have this instead. . .


Since I need get prepare for the introduction as flag bearer, I passed the camera to others to take care of it.   Outside of the conference hall.

IMG_8648 Our youngest delegate IMG_8669 The first time ever in my life wearing Baju Melayu :p

IMG_8733 IMG_8753

Fiji delegate perform an awesome cultural dance

IMG_8784 The conference have 2 session at the morning and 1 after the lunch, after the 3rd session we realized that we actually don’t have any transport back to hotel. After asking around, we decided to walk back to hotel, with the help from LJ GPS from his handphone + map, we manage to get back to hotel after about 45mins walk; but some of us got stuck in between since we are caught in heavy rain before we arrive hotel XD

IMG_8819  IMG_8833

We have about 3 hour rest include dinner, then we take taxi to go back for the night session. Can’t remember this ladies name but she sang beautiful malay song.



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