Durian Feast

For those living in Brunei, all of you should aware that last week we have quite a bad black out across Gadong, Mata Mata and etc. Yet it didn’t stop me and my friends to go one of our brother house despite his house is black out also. Why?

Here is the reason.


Robert actually ordered this from Lawas and get it delivered to his house through shipping, he ordered so much that if I gonna consume it myself it would take more than a month!!!

Candle night durian feast! You don’t get this happen very often, hot weather + hot durian = very hot night XD

IMG_4456 The variety of Lawas durian

IMG_4457 Nice creamy durian meat.

IMG_4458We eat at least 2 full tray of durians……

IMG_4464I haven’t have such durian feast for very long time, the last I can remember is when our family travel to Kuching and stop by the road and brought about 2 basket of durians and that took us almost 2 week to finish!

Thanks you Robert for your hospitability and generosity, it is really a night worth remembers :)