External Flash acquired!!!

To acquire an external flash for my current photography hobby has been one of my wish list, since there are so many possibility open up once you starting to play with light source. While knowing that my dad & bro both use to have SLR camera & gears and also knowing that they both use Nikon, so I put aside the ideas to ask them for the flash gun. Somehow today it click to me that it might work for my Canon 30D, so decided to ask my bro & dad for the flash gun. I tried it with hesitation but I am overjoyed when it really work with my cam!!! The cons is that I have to start using manual mode for both my camera & flash gun in order for both to work, but I gonna take as another learning curve for me in my photography journal :)

This is the flash gun from my brother (Please tell me the model number if you got any ideas)


This one is from my dad :)


Taken using external flash bounce to ceiling, ISO200, shutter speed 1/50s, aperture f5.6 and handheld. Which no way I can do it at the past, either I have to resolve using ISO1600 or using direct flash which gonna come up harsh and flat.