As we continue to age, it is inevitable that things going to break down; and it happen to me as my car rear tire got stuck by a screw and needed to be replace T--T

Thank God that it is still driveable, so I drove to the workshop near by my office and asked them to change the tire for me. A 2nd hand Bridgestone tire + workmanship for only $30 I will said it is quite reasonable, and everything done in 15min.


Then after work I decided to drop by Chong Hong to buy a mouse and Sata HDD Dock, since my Razer Krait mouse spoiled for quite a while and in need a better mouse compare to those $10 mouse. . . . .

IMG_9701-1And here is the comparison of my old & new Razer Krait, while on top you can’t really identify the difference other than the old one use orange color while new one use red color light. You can actually can see the difference when you compare the bottom part.



It still pretty much like my previous, just slightly bigger and longer. Constructions and materials is the same, of course it is still silky smooth when you use it.

Then I got myself a SATA HDD dock, been wanting to get this for quite a while. Since I have 1x120G, 1x250G and 1x500G HDD  + 1 primary 500G HDD and a secondary 1T HDD in my  computer. I will give a small explanation & reviews for this unit soon.

IMG_9717-1 IMG_9718-1