We are surround by forest, but we don't live on the tree


Sometime peoples from the other countries has this false perception that Brunei peoples live on the tree house or water village. While sometime we cannot blame them because so far tourist industries has advertised Brunei with Temburong rain forest, water village etc, while it cannot compete with Singapore or KL, it doesn't mean we live in tree house. :p

But what I like about Brunei is that it indeed is surround by trees and forest, where you can hardly see it in big cities like Singapore, KL, Perth etc. Due to the low populations (approx 350 thousands), the density of the crowds, air pollution, traffic jam and crime rate is also consider really low compare to some other countries. Personally, I feel safer when I go around Brunei compare to Malaysia, I not so worry about issues like robbery, pick pocket, fights coz all this hardly happen.

But of cause everything has it pro and cons, Brunei market is limited due to populations, you can't really get the latest stuffs /fashion /gadget as fast or cheap to some other nations. That's why peoples always travel to Miri, Singapore, KL, KK for holiday and shopping.

Overall, Brunei is a very peaceful country though sometime boring :p If you like your life to be slow and easy, Brunei is one of the place where you can consider.