Photoshop, no wonder peoples love it

  Been working overtime for the last few days, and finally done with the database processing for 1 of my clients. It was such a stress relief knowing that I done with the job for now.... :p

After I started to get a bit serious with photography, it also get me into playing and learning more with using photoshop to enhance my photo. While some might consider as cheating, as for me I have learned the lesson that 95% of the peoples don't care of how you processing the photo, they only want to see the result!!! It is the same way when I pick up my guitar and play in front of the congregation, they don't care what guitar I use, what amp I played, how I played it. All they need is the music to sound nice and they can go into the time of P&W.

         Here is the original photo                               VS                                              Photoshoped

P008                          P006

I don't usually use heavy filter on my photo, but sometime it is necessary to turn a boring photo to some interesting photo. While the result still has plenty of room for improvement, I am quite happy with how it turn out. At least I learned a new trick and tools to play around with my photo ^w^