Journal to the Pearl of Borneo. WHy? Because I need to renew my passport >w<

What you gonna do if you passport gonna expire, and you need to travel within this few month? Renew loh~~~~

Initially, I intend to go Limbang to renew my passport; but after hearing some of the horror story about Brunei --> Limbang traffic jam, and with the council of my CG members, I changed my destination to Labuan instead.

Warning: Story less with lot's of picture ahead, only click "continue read" if you are ready Photobucket

5:45am: Woke up, wash up and get ready (Thanks God for woke me up, usually my alarm have problems to keep me awake even at 7:15am, so by itself it was a prayer answered)

6:30am start leaving, reach ferries terminal around 7:00pm. B$15 for the ticket and $1 for services charges.

brunei ticket service charges

Some $$ that you need to spend before you can step into the board

financial_01Reach there around 9:15am, straight to the financial centre, which consist of government office, shopping mall, etc.The amazing things about Labuan office is that, from the point I start submitting my passport renewal form to the time I collect my passport took less than 2 hours, plus the staffs was really helpful. Big thumb up for Labuan government services.



Taking some time to window shop after took my brand new passport, and walk around the town areas.


Some of the stuffs you bound to see in Labuan  Photobucket


me01 flag02


 tower03 tower_ring01

labuan tower04

Tower statues01

bar flower


I am leaving, yet the banner showing "Welcome to Labuan" ?




Last but not least, a return ticket to Brunei.....