Moving On

Sometimes serving in the youth ministry, one of the greatest challenge and joy is let go of those youth that you have spend time over the year, and seeing them moving on with the next phrase of their life.
For this case will be Kelvin, a fine mature and handsome young man. He has been with us for almost 4~5 years if I'm not mistaken, and now He is on his way to US to further his study under the wing of Ministry of Defense Brunei. Seeing him for not knowing the Lord, accept God, mature in Him is one of the great privilege I have with working with him.
It was also a relief knowing that even he will be in US, he will under good care of both by the Nation of Brunei government and also his relative in US whom is also a Christian.
As time move on, we will be seeing more and more youth leaving for their studies and next phrase of their life. So it is important to value the time you have with them at this moments, have faith and believe that God will continue to mature them. Ultimately, we are just here to help them and God will be the one to move. : )