Mobile blog part3: HTC touch review

HTC Touch
Here is My testing of my mobile blog part 3, and I like to talk about the device that I use for blogging lately.
HTC touch is a new windows mobile 6 PDA phone that I just got 2 weeks ago. You can found out a lot of information and reviews if you google it, so l not gonna talk much on it. But overall it is slim and thin and with almost all the feature l needed.
2 mega pixels camera, blue tooth, WIFI (in Hot spot but don't have your laptop? this is your alternative), touch screen(Touch FLO rock), pda function, word ,excel and mp3 player, with a price of $765Brunei dollars, I can honestly said that I love it.
But of coz this phone is not perfect, with such price and form factor, u can expect it have it own short coming. 1st. Slow processor (only 2OO Mhz) compare to other pda phone which is 4oomhz and above (but of coz price also range from $ 1000 and above)
2nd. Low build in memory, which does suffer from it, eventhough it came with 1g mini SD card. I need to reset the phone almost everyday to free out the memory.
3rd. Short battery life, I need to charge my phone every day, but if consider I use it for mp3, phone call, sms, download RSS feeds, bluetooth transfer and occassions web surfing and msn. Actually is not that bad, 1 think if I stop using all those but just a phone I think it should able to last me for 2 to 3 days.
4th. Current PDA phone (except iphone) cannot surf site like youtube is a big disappoinment for me.
Overall, If u looking for a PDA phone to start up without breaking your bank, I would recommend this. Just make sure you don't compare it with iphone. But at this moments it is an ideal blogging phone in anyway. 8/10