I'm not talking about ultraman, it is about the cross

A very late update for what has been happening for the last few week, while the major event we have as the youth ministry is that we manage to invite Pastor Chris Long to come to our church and have a youth leader training for us during 2thMay to 5thMay.
It was indeed a blessing and a great learning experience for me and other youth leaders during this time. I have learn so much that i still trying to digest what have been taught and how i can apply it into our youth ministry.
He is a Malaysian chinese pastor in a small town called banting(hope i spell it correctly) while at the same times, he is the well know and highly demanded youth speakers for all over the places.
On the last session he have with our youth, we have so much fun with him. Especially he been teasing a youth boy (still in sunday school) that attend our youth during the session. Since most of the time he dont know what pastor was talking, so a few occassion he use the ultraman to make the crowd laugh.
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At the end, he said he didnt refer it as ultraman, he was referring to the cross. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Anyway, put that aside, he speak to the youth regarding on how to catch God attention. He has put it in such a way that is easy and interesting ways. I really love the way his preach, same as the members.
We will invite him again for our youth camp at sept, gonna look forward to believe that God will move mightily in the camp and having a great time with one another Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket