We have our church services yesterday instead of the 31st dec, the reason is that we want to celebrate the new year and it is also a thanksgiving for church leader Uncle Frankie and aunty Kiam.

For your information, our church operate in a way that is different to most of the church around the globe, we don’t have any local pastor to pasturing the sheep. Our pastor is located in Singapore and it is very difficult for him to come very often because of the ministry he have in Singapore. Because of this, he has appointed uncle Frankie and aunty Kiam to be the spiritual head for our church (they are husband and wife btw) together with other core leader under them, while uncle Frankie still working with one of the motor company as the GM. They have been faithfully serving the church for more than 10 over years? As far as I know is before I attend this church, they have already here. They are both at the age around 60plus close to 70, and they have seem through and been through the up and down of this church. Personally, I have full respect for them even though sometime I don’t agree with the decision being made by the church.

After long service to the church, they decided to pass the responsibility to another core leader (husband & wife), because of this they will be stepping down and not longer lead us. This is the main reason we have the Monday evening services together with dinner, so that it is officially announce and hand over to our new leader.

After the p&w, we have our church pastor from Singapore to give a message. Then he want all the church member one by one to give them a hug or a hand shake, when come to my turn, tears falling through my eye, and I was speechless. I was literally loss for words for all the things that they have blessed me and impact on me, no word can express my gratitude to them during that time. Before that I was thinking it is easy just give a hug and said thanks you, but when come face to face it was whole lot of different story. It make me wonder how will I response when I going to face Jesus and Father in heaven.

This post is to thanks and dedicate to Uncle Frankie and Aunty Kiam for the services they have done to the body of Christ and to God for this year, and all the blessing, encouragement, influence and impact they have laid upon my life. I sincerely from the depth of my heart to thank you for all the things you have done and all glory to our God in heaven.

P.S They are still around in the church anyway, in case I pass the wrong message across. They have stepped down, and play a more back stage role to support our new leader.