Happy New Year 2007

Finally 2006 has passed and the 1st day of 2007 has arrived. Lot’s of thing has happen, be it my personal life, work life, ministry and relationship with others. Year 2006 is a tough year for me in every aspect, but I thanks God for getting me through all this, and thanks God for the blessing I have received through friend, colleagues, church member, family member and of course from Him.

Everyone always wants to talk about their New Year resolution for the New Year, and for my case honestly I didn’t give much thought into it yet, there are lot’s of thing I wanted to do, want to archive, want to get, want to go, etc and etc. Maybe getting into perspective and putting priority in orders is the only things that I can do. I may put a wish list out so I may keep track on how I doing with my life, but intangible thing is very difficult to keep track on, well we will see how things go along the way.

All in all, wishing all my friend, family member, church member, colleagues, client and customers all the best in year 2007 and wishing you all happy new year 2007