Mystery Fixed!!!

If I not mistaken, I shared once before that I was so frustrated about how my guitars sound to the church PA system that I feel like throwing them. In fact, I have been dealing with this problem for the last few months while I still cannot find the answer the problem. I read through numerous article/ forum post etc, yet still can’t find the root of the problem. My gear sound completely alright to my ear if I plug to my headphone and PA suppose to project what I hear through the headphone.

Finally I thank God He have show me the reason why the sound doesn’t project properly. First of all, I set my mfx to project the sound at max. While it sound alright to the headphone which is having small voltage, but when it dealing with a 150W speaker it just way too loud for our congregation. Which naturally link to the 2nd reasons, in order to cut down my volume to acceptable level, we have to cut down the frequency to half to reduce my volume. This is kind of technical, so I try to explain myself clearly.

As we all know, music is produced by sound, and sound is basically a combination range of different frequency, and all the note in term of music theory have their own range of frequency. So in order for a C major to sound like a C major, the instruments have to produce a frequency range of 264Hz and if it go beyond that and it reach 297Hz and it will sound like D Major. Of course will vary depends on how the instruments is set up. You can Google it if you want to know more, and here is the 2 link I use for my reference for this post.

Music and Sound

Frequency: from answer.com

With this knowledge in mind, it is obvious that how come my gear doesn’t project the sound properly. Personally I don’t know how there cut the frequency and the technical explanation. But I can understand is that my sound didn’t project the range of frequency as the way it supposes to be and that’s the reason it sound horrible.

Currently I am happy and want to praise God that I am able to project the music nicely during the church P&W, and I pray that by the grace of God I will continue to serve Him in this ministry as WL or musician.