2nd Weekly update

Haven’t been updating my blog for a week, while there are lot’s of things happening for me for the last few day, just didn’t manage to get my time to sit down and post about it. Anyway, as a typical Chinese man myself, I gonna talk about foods again. It seem like majority of my post is about food, maybe I should consider to change my blog to Shoyo Food tasting corner :p

1st of all, I got the honor to be invited by Agape Fellowship Center for their 5th Anniversary dinner at Emperor restaurant at Hua Ho mall, some more is on the VIP table >w< It is a very well prepare and planned dinner and celebration, with a lot of dance, song and presentations. The highlight of the night is that they invited a guy name HT Long, a Malaysian singers, I copies some of his infor from www.tabernaclemusic.net

In the late 60s and early 70s, HT Long was popularly known as the Elvis Presley of Malaysia. That was the title he won at many Elvis Presley singing competitions and talent shows including Mr. Golden Voice. In 1989, he was miraculously touched by the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, his life was never the same again. He left his restaurant and video businesses and now dedicates his life into full time ministry.”

Great singer, and his voice indeed quite close to Elvis Presley style, those enjoy Elvis song should try to listen to some of HT Long song. Imagine Elvis singing Christian hymn J

A great well done to AFC and a big thanks to them for inviting me, really enjoy it. Thanks you very much.

2nd, our church has a 3 day 2 night corporate fast and pray during last week. Since Saturday is a public holiday, the leadership decided to host a combine prayer meeting at the morning (here go my beauty sleep for the holiday). We prayed from 8:30 to 12 plus. It was great and time just flied even it was about 3 ½ hour of prayer, worship. It is good to see God people to gather around, fast and seek His face for His will to be done in the land. We break fast after that, and have a good meals and good time of fellowship with one another. We will continue to believe that God will move in a way that we can never imagine in this land.

3rd, this one I must thanks my boss for it. He gave me a free buffet voucher at Sheraton hotel for 2, since I don’t have a girl friend yet, so I invited my friend to go with me. While we prepare ourselves for the buffet, we found out later that the voucher is valid for the 3 courses meal also, so we decided to take that instead, then my friend call out his another friend to pick up red wine from his house, so we got red wine for the meal and of course his company. This is one of the best western meal I have eaten in the restaurant for ages, bread with olive oil, lobster starter, chicken soup and a full loaded lobster for main dishes and great wine. Boss, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! >w<>