7 years in WMK



7years and 4 month, it is how long I have been working under WMK Management & Services SDN BHD. It all begin when Stephen hired me as a system engineer for the company. At that time I am still naïve and fresh, knew nothing much about dealing corporate IT system, network, server and software.

For over the last 7 years, I have meet colleagues that come and go, meeting with clients that come and go; face with situation that I feel like punching someone face, happy moments that sue all your worry away, achievement that I feel proud, mistake that let me look like a noob. The experience that I gained from the last 7 year is more than just a head knowledge with knowing how to deal with computer, server or application system. I learned to deal with people around me and my clients, and to be able to gain their favor and trust  for me is a reward itself. Of course all this isn’t possible if my God isn’t there for me.

I still remembered that when I first joined WMK, I told Him that I want to work with this company for at least 7 years in order to return what Stephen has done for me. If he didn’t employ me at that time, I might be a different person (good or bad is not relevant thought Smile with tongue out)

Indeed He has fulfill my promise that time, and now as I began a new chapter in my life I am filled with excitement with what it will unfold. There are peoples that asked aren’t you scare of being a freelance? I tell them straight and honestly that I do feel scare! Having no assurance, security on how I am gonna to live on is scary for me. But I also know and believe that My God will supply all my needs according to His riches and glory, whom I know I can trust on.

For my boss / colleagues / ex-colleagues that reading this post. First I want to say sorry if I have make fault, forgive me. Second, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! for being part of my life in this last 7 years, and continue to believe that the friendship that been develop can go beyond the wall of WMK. Bless you Smile