My walk around Tamu Kianggeh, Bandar. Brunei


I decided to walk around Tamu Kianggeh to build up my experience. For those who do not know, tamu is a malay words for market, it is one of the most happening place in Bandar Seri Begawan, especially during the weekend.IMG_0171-Edit


Due to its location beside the river bank and Kampung Ayer, you can see lot’s of water boat going around fetching people from one destination to another. It is also one of the main transport to travel between water village and the main land. In fact, a few of them asking me wanna take a boat ride to tour around Kampung Ayer (with a price tag). By the way I realized that it is not a common sight in Brunei to see chinese holding a DSLR and walk around. Maybe that’s why they assume me as one of those tourist?



Since it is a market, it is a place where you can find vast variety of local foods, fruit, meat, vegetable and souvenir with a pretty good price. Majority of the vendor is Malay while you can find some other races doing their business here. IMG_0120-Edit

Once again through this walk I have learned a few more lesson which I have to remind myself:

1. Research

Do some research on your destination and know your subject as much as possible.

2. Plan

This is one of the lesson that really strike me as I walked around. Without research and planning, I am basically like a headless chicken, not knowing what I should do and where should I go. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” which is so true for my case.

3. Be Bold

I am too reserve and shy, in another words too chicken >w< 

I have read handful of topic and blog with regarding street photography, and a lot of time they emphasis on being close to the subject. While it is easy to say about it, but doing it myself is a whole lot of different story. 

As I sit down and review through my collections of photo, in all honesty I can’t find any image that is particular immersing or striking , or tell much story at all. My skill set and composition skill still have a long way to go. The other thing is I really should be more courageous to approach the people for photo snapping, since most of them actually taught that I am a tourist (which can be an advantage on its own); and in general Bruneians is pretty polite.IMG_0176-Edit

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