Big catch for the day

So what happen if you love to eat fish? Too lousy to go fishing? But got a brother that just love fishing, some more good at it? It will be like “OH Yeah!!!”

Tan Lee Yong, eldest in the family, the father of 4 children of coz with one wife. The main chef of the house, care taker of the house, any problem regarding home, car, electronic, foods, + fisherman of the house >w<

Fishing have been one of his favourite hobby for the last few years, and I can really see his passion on it. Honestly after my brother into fishing, our family have hardly buy fish from the market at all. Since my brother has been very good with fishing and catch quite a few big fish for the house, and what’s the result? Just check it out yourself ^W^

I think this will take us a few week to finish them all?


This is the biggest one that he caught for the day, and weight approx 3.5kg! Btw, he have caught fish bigger than this, just that I didn’t have any chances to take photo of it, since it already go into our stomach faster than my camera shutter speed.


So? Great! Waiting anxiously for tonight dinner :)