Sunlit Blood Donation Campaign

Sunlit Advertising SDN BHD, one of the leading company in Brunei hosted a blood donation campaign and invited peoples to donate blood for the good cause. I actually went there to fix some IT related issues since they are one of the client I been supporting, only then I know about the blood donation campaign that they been running over the last few years.

Here are some of the Sunlit staffs participating the campaign.


And Eileen from Animal Shelter is here also.


Since I happen to be there, I decided to participant with the blood donation also. Not for self promotion, but I do believe that blood donation is for a good cause; yet so far in my life I only donated twice >w<

I also realized that a lot of peoples have a lot of misunderstanding or fears regarding blood donation. It happen that I got a free lunch pack after the blood donations and my colleagues know about it, while they don’t mind to have the free lunch and they think that it is too expensive for the trade. Not doubt, blood is precious; yet because it is so precious that’s why hospital been encourage peoples to give, since it can be a matter of life and dead for those peoples in need. I think it just a matter of perspective and attitude towards the circumstances. For me, I always believe that giving is important to personal life. Give some blood away (which actually can improve your health), help a life in need and received a free lunch, a win win situation, why not?

Here are some link regarding the benefit for blood donation




http://benefitof.net/benefits-of-blood-donation/ Ladies will love this, help in weight loss!

So, will you willing to donate some blood for a good cause? ^w^