Photo Walk @ Bandar Seri Begawan


Decided to give photo walk a try since I have an off day today, and I decided to use Bandar Seri Begawan as my destination place. IMG_1089-EditIMG_1095-Edit Montage01 

I think this is my first time trying a broad daylight photo walk and I definitely learned a few things. First and foremost, bring together with you a bottle of water!!! Walking around city areas at 2pm really no joke, if not because most of the areas got shade I think I would have sweat like a jelly.

2nd, choose a day or time that have more peoples around. Ok, this can be subjective. But I went around the town areas, the amount of peoples that walk around the city area is just sad. Hardly hardly got any body at all with just a few tourist walking around. So if you objective of photo walk is to shoot peoples, then must choose a time and day that will have a lot of peoples walking around, which I assume will be friday or sunday?

3rd, forget about quality lens, the most important thing is your eyes to capture the composition in an interesting or creative ways. Even if you got the most expensive lens, if you can’t capture beautiful photo then it just a waste. Which personally I felt I fall short of it, even thought I am using a kit lens & a 50mm 1.8.  When it come to photowalk, you really have to be bold and putting composition as a priority. Well, it just mean that I still have a long way to go, and needed to learn more and practice more.