bruneiclassified.com has been hacked!!! Who is this iBlackHat?

  hacked Just saw this when I try to check out some deal in bruneiclassified.com and I quickly grab a screenshot of this! Noted that I actually trying to go to the camera sessions. But if you trying to access www.bruneiclassified.com it will link you to this.bruneihys


Though I not sure how long this has happen, but I really interested to see how long it take for bruneiclassified IT dept to fix this issues. I think this is one of the very first time that major site in Brunei has been hacked and show in to public, should be a good enough hammering for local to put some awareness into IT security? Or they need some more? BTW, if you check the screen shoot carefully, you will know that it was hacked by iblackhat. Of course you wouldn’t be able to find much info on this anonymous hacker, but if you got more info to let me know :)