Mary Khiu Birthday Dinner

Our way of birthday celebration, has been getting more and more grant and creative that it always put me to awe whenever I am there. This time we are celebrating Mary Khiu birthday at Mary place, while it is not her actual birthday so it is more of an advance celebrations for her.

While we always said simple meals will do, but deep down we always appreciate good foods, especially when when couple it with good friends and great times. We have an assumptions 4 + 1 course meals, sayang I miss my opportunity  to take some of the foods photo since I am too focus on eating them.


When it come to celebrate his wife birthday, I can really see Terence work and plan it in such a ways that it will amazed you, and this time he even planned cat walk and a so cal led Academy Awards to spice the nights up. 

Since the dress code is formal, our ladies take their chances to dress their best for the night, and it come to our responsibility that we have to take photo for them. Using the wall as backdrop, I decided to use 1 camera flash mounted to a tripod with a white umbrella partly bound from ceiling and diffuse through the umbrella. To be honest, I am pretty please with the result, I do wish I can use 2nd flash for fill light, too bad that I didn’t bring enough battery for the job. So it is important to check your stuffs before you perform your duty. Of course technically I am not working for this instance.




Then the most important is of course the husband and wife for the night!!!

IMG_9426IMG_9428 IMG_9434

and here is my favourite snap for the night


Plain, simple yet it contain something that I cannot describe how much I love this photo over all the others.

Then here is some photo of me with others, since I always got complain that my album hardly got me inside, but how to get yourself in the frame when you are the one holding the camera? :p




Then a group snap, but some of them already left. Since the whole things actually carry on all the way til 1 plus am . . . .


Thanks to Terence for organize a fantastic night for his wife, and Happy Birthday to Mary Khiu, and we will see what Terence have on his shelves for next year >w<