A gift in a box project

Lately Chea have been organising “A gift in a box” project, where we suppose to decorate a recycle shoe box, and put in a toy, some sweets, some stationary and a greeting / encouragement card. Ideally, this project is to be done by together with your family for both family bonding and also to bless the children in the ripas. Since Ripas hospital has been very gracious to us for allowing us to run this project. In fact, they are very happy that we are doing this.

Some of the youth preparing the boxes way before the actual dates

IMG_5203 Some of the finished products by the participantsIMG_5225

On the actual day, it is separate to 2 session, morning session held at the sport complex. They closed the whole sport complex car park and only allowed those participants and parents to park their car. So we have no problems at all with parking, anyone of you should know how difficult to find a parking in a hospital on the usual day >w<

One of the Ripas staffs helping out with bringing the gifts from car to the hall.


For the morning session we 57 children.


They all sat down quietly and listen to Caroline for her story telling. Amazing quiet and focus!!! But I do wonder how many of them really understand Carol though, since she speak in english and majority of them speak malay >w<



When it come to gift receiving, you can actually see some of them their eyes is sparking with anticipation.

IMG_5649 And Carol actually have a fans base after her speech, this children really wanted to take photo with her.


Then come the afternoon session, where we have go to the children ward and give the gift to every single kids who are admitted to the hospital. This time round, we have around 12 kids.

IMG_5744 Talking with the parents to find out how’s the kid doing.

IMG_5746While some of the kid got admitted for minor issues, there are some of the more unfortunate around. There have some kid suffer cancer and some been admitted for over a years, one need to pull out all their teeth due to infection. . . .  . ouch. . . . . TwT

After we are done with the whole session, some of us went to Jin Chew for their famous Roti Kuning for tea break.

And I come across this phenomenal view when I arrived home, where you can see a ray of rainbow colour light on the sky. It is so difficult to spot that Lily, Hannah and girl girl have problems to find it.


And man, now I’m tire!!!! But it has been a great day for me ^w^ Btw, go to my FB pages for the rest of the event snap that I took for the day.