Sony KDL-40w5500 in the room!!!


I been wanting a HDTV in my room for quite a while. Easily over 3 years? Some how this year I really feel like getting a LCD for some reason, so I have been doing quite a fair bit of marketing and research around the Brunei market. Since getting a LCD oversea wasn’t a smart move at all even though they might be cheaper.

After all the research, marketing, reading review etc, I have finally pull my plug on the 40inch Sony LCD.  When the kid found out that i got a 40inch HDTV, they were like “OMG!!!” “WTH!!!” “How can this fit into your room!!?” “I so jealous!!!” etc etc.

As for me, i am pretty excited and happy to finally get one of my dream setup done in my room. So gonna move on with life and full fill my other small little dream step by steps. Of course I want to thank Him for the provision and guidance (I think I am more like those kid that forcing my dad to buy for me even though He don’t want to >w<)

Thought i already found some inconveniences with using such a big HDTV, nevertheless I am still pretty drill with it. I may provide a more in depth personnel review, but for a more professional review for this beast, google is still your best bet. ^w^