Night view from the hotel we stay.IMG_0168 Is already 2010, yet I haven’t finish all my year 2009 photo =w=

Finally after our 2nd attempts to go for KLCC skybridge, we manage to get our ticket to access to sky bridge. Why 2 times? First time we went there without realized that there closed on monday, tuesday we went there and the tickets was all out; so wednesday we decided to go there extra early and reach there around 7 plus to queue, and this is what we saw. Seem like KLCC sky bridge is really famous. . . IMG_0220

After almost an hour plus of queuing, we finally got our ticket. By the way the entrance is free. IMG_0224

Before we go to the sky bridge, we were arranged to see a short 3D movie regarding KLCC and the skybridge before we can go to the skybridge.


IMG_0299 Maybe because I went to higher places that level 42th so I wasn’t really impressed with the view? But knowing that the we are inside a bridge does provide an interesting feeling. However the next time I visit KL, I will like to come here during the night session, I can be pretty sure that the view will be amazing with all the KL night light.

To draw a conclusion on our KL trip, it really is an interesting and fruitful trip, too bad we didn’t have enough time to visit china town and some other places. Do hope that next time I visit KL I will more chances to snap more variety of photo :)