Jerudong Part

Haven’t been to Jerudong Park for donkey years, so when Grace asked me to go together with some others I decided to go for it.IMG_0730 IMG_0756 IMG_0862For someone who actually get to experience the golden day of Jerudong Park, I always feel sad when I come and revisit it again.Especially knowing some of the great ride was taken down due to lack of maintenance like giant drop, boomerang,  private ship and they even take down the water boat!!!

With all honesty, I am pretty surprise to see the amount of peoples that touring the JP that day, but I do take it  JP is still a great place to hang out with a family especially if you got children. The children play ground and ride will provide endless fun for the kids, or even bring back the child within you? :p

Our main target of the ride is bumper car, the ride has around 20 car while more than 12 of them is occupy by our peoples. So you are pretty sure it gonna be crazy!!! Everyone just bang into each others without any hesitations, it is a good thing we don’t have to pay any repair bill for any damage :p

Will JP ever be able to recover to its glorious day again? I hope so and I want to, but I think it will entirely depend on gov’t to see they want to bring back the golden image of Jerudong Park or not?