FFVII Advent Children: Cloud & Fenrir


If I am not mistaken, Final Fantasy is one of the first JRPG that I played in SNES, FFVII is the reason that I bought a PS one, FFXI is the one that officially bring me to the worlds of MMO, so final fantasy franchise always hold a special meaning in my life.

I believe most of you have watched Final Fantasy Advent Children in one way or the other, I honestly feel that Square Enix should have launched Advent Children as their first movie title instead of Spirit Within (maybe they learned from their mistake?) It is one of my favourite anime movie to date (especially the Blue Ray edition)

When Square Enix launched Play Arts Action Figure with Cloud & Fenrir few years ago, I been wanted to buy this. I actually come across this figure a few times when I was in Singapore or even in Brunei, but I decided to turn it down and feel regard later on. So when I saw this again KL, I finally decided to get it , although it actually took me quite some time to make the final decision :p

The quality and the workmanship for the toy is pretty good, there are some part I feel that it can be better but can’t really complain about it; for the additional detail I like to have it would jet up the price at least 2x


If they ever produce a driveable version of Fenrir, I may tempted to get myself a motorbike driving license in order to drive this beauty.

Do I wish it better? Yes

And I happy with my purchase? Oh YES!!! XD