Freaky awesome 3d 2n Camp


After month & months of preparation, prayers & practice, finally we have our youth camp not long ago. While it is mentally & physically demanding both our mind & strength, the results and satisfaction from it is beyond our imaginations.

While the hotel is not a top notch hotel you can find, but the campers + activity + music + speakers is top notch for this year. Seeing the youths got inspired by the speaker and wanting to take up greater challenge in their life , also knowing that they have learned something in this year, praying and hoping that the values and principles that have implant to them will continue to mole them to be a better person for the community, all this is just pure rewarding.



While the preparation and execution during the camp is not silky smooth with some hiccup and problems, but we want to thanks everyone for their understanding, cooperation and hopefully forgiveness >w<

But among all else, I want to thanks God for making this camp a wonderful camp for year 2009, without Him all this wouldn’t be possible at all. Is this the end? No!!! I fully believe that it is just a beginning for what God has installed for us and we will see more to come. ^w^

SO YOUTH ABLAZE GET READY FOR MORE IN YEAR 2010!!! But before that, let’s get ready for APYAC in KL!!!