Fine Dining @ Villa Mauri


Last saturday night, we went to Villa Mauri for our fine dining dinner, to celebrate Sam & Terence birthday. In reality, I didn’t know that they planned the dinner, everyone knew about it except me blur blur still wondering what is going on. When they told me is a fine dinning style and expect us to wear formal, I have no choice but to go home and changed.

And my!!! Our ladies wear fabulous!!!


20091107-IMG_6277 And look at the guys. . . . . XD


The starter

20091107-IMG_6310 What I have for the night, T-Bone steak. Nice, tender & juicy. Great stuffs!!!


A group photo >w<


Usually after the dinner, we will head back our way, but for this case we been summon to another place for our part II session. . . . .


20091108-IMG_6419 And we actually have karaoke session all the way until 2 plus, I am so tire that I actually slept while they enjoy themselves. I wouldn’t get into detail on how they go crazy with their karaoke songs, you have to see it yourself to believe that they can actually sang some of those songs, and what funky actions they came out with.

So far we have cover the 60’s, the beach, fine dining style for birthday celebrations, I started to wonder what other stuffs they gonna come out with? Whatever is it, I’m sure I gonna enjoy it. For the night itself, while I am super tire, I really enjoy myself to have such a company that despite ages/ status/ interest yet we are able to have a common goal and also love for one another.


the rest of the photo you can check it out from my facebook