Wedding of Kevin & Marites

 IMG_3635-Edit Attended Kevin & Marites wedding dinner at sat night in Rizqun International Hotel. Due to near Hari Raya seasons and long weekend, Gadong was literally jammed pack with cars. It took me nearly 30mins to find a parking.

Anyway, I take this opportunity to try out wedding photography, not as a employed photographer but just a invited guest that take time to snap.



Wedding photography really post quite a number of challenge itself, dealing with low lights, inconsistence lighting, dynamic of events, high ceiling and etc. Honestly, if I didn’t have a flash guns or a prime lens, I would have bang my head against the wall many times. 

The first dance for Kevin & Marites



During the dinner, many times I wise I have either 17-50mm f2.8 or 24/28/30mm prime lens or even 70-200mm f2.8 for zoom, those lens will make your life so much easier for this kind of situation. Also to have another body to save time on swapping lens is like almost compulsory.

But at the end, the most important thing is still about composition and taking beautiful photo for the newly wed.  Thanks God I’m not full time paid photographer, or else when they look at my work they may demand a refund XD

IMG_3067 IMG_3082-Edit


I have lot’s of fun running around shooting photo after photos, it is an interesting experience for me and I really learn quite a few things from there.

Kevin & Marites, I wish that as you two journey down to a new season and new path in your life, not just learning how to learn and support one another in good times or bad times. But the blessing will overflow that you have no choice but to continue bless others peoples in your journey together with many more years of joy & happiness. God bless :)

You can check out the rest of the photo from my facebook album