Love it 50mm prime lens


It’s been 10days I owned my very first prime lens Canon EF 50mm 1.8 mkII, I can honestly said that I love it!!! It is one of the best lens money can buy, the ability to use large aperture to differentiate object and background is what other zoom lens cannot do. The best zoom lens can go up to 2.8 only while this can go 1.8!!!  I am not gonna say that prime is better than zoom lens, since prime and zoom both serve different purpose. But if I want to compare the color contrast, saturations and sharpness between my EFS 18-55mm IS and EF 50mm; EF 50mm win hands down.


While on the cons side, the build quality is really light and plastic and not versatile. I really need to work harder and change lens more often then before. 

Will I stick to prime lens only? No. Will I still use zoom lens? Yes. Will I buy another prime lens or upgrade 1.8 to 1.4? Maybe. And I going to buy a f2.8 zoom lens? Yes, but need to save more $$

But as for now, 50mm has become my main shooting lens at this moments.