Decided to view through some of the old photo that I have, it really give me a nostalgic feeling. It is a history that is part of my life, existence, experience and character. I am who I am because through God grace that I can exist and live through this time.

If not mistaken, this is taken during 1993, sadly I have pretty much lose contract with most of them.Form3

If I can recall properly, I think I joined photography club when I was in Form1~2, should be around the year 1991~2. That time I still using film, that time I really know nuts about camera & photography; indeed we are living way privilege that our pass where we have great access to information and knowledge.

003-2 006 I gonna dig out more old photo and hopefully I can get it scan professionally with better quality. My scanner at home can’t really scan it to the highest quality, all the photo will turn out really antique even though on photo it still good XD

You can see more of it from my facebook album.