First wireless Camera flash device acquired!!!

After I start to get seriously interested in photography, off camera flash or some called it strobist. It is a camera flash technique that instead of shooting your flash in front of your object, you can actually allow flash to shoot from other direction.

You can link to this 2 site for more idea and where I got my inspiration from:

Canon digital photography forums or Strobist blogspot

It is quite a simple china made device, which only allow you to have 1 transmitter and a receiver to attach your flash.

Transmitter to attach on your camera


This is how the receiver look like




And here is my off camera flash in action, sorry for the low quality. I purposely lower down the  flash in order to see the flash light, and it was attached to my tripod for easy placement.














I am really excited and wanted to see what kind of photo I can snap using off camera flash, and also realized I got more things to learn, since it actually involve a lot of technique method. But this should be a fun journey!!! ^w^