Tachikoma in human side transportation mode


Saw this while I am updating with current tech news, my jaw almost drop in awe when I saw it. For those don’t have ideas what Tachikoma is, it is actually a robot from an anime called Ghost in the shell. While I don’t see any practical use, but it is just a child in me that wanted something like this for fun. Come to think of it, it actually remind me of those toys car when they allow the kids to drive around either in the mall or shopping areas while this is more adult version of it. I would love to have a ride on this if I ever got a chance XD

PS: Somehow twitter cannot properly link akihabara news so click below for more info and pic if you like (you know you want to XD)

Tachikoma Transportation module, In action with Video from akihabara news

Life-sized Tachikoma loose on the streets of Tokyo (update: video!) from Engadget.com

and here for some Tachikoma picture