Been lazy

Just checked out my blogger statistic and realised that so far I only posted 2 post in the month of April!!! And here I am ready to hammer by you all lia XD

Actually I been taking lot & lot's of photo, it just that the more I took, the more I learn; I realised that I getting more and more picky on my photo's and how much more I need to learn. Is like I am not satisfy nearly 99% of my photo, less than half I will consider passable, and I will upload about 10% of it, and then the rest I will just keep it. 

While in Brunei we don't have the privilege to experience 4 seasons like other country, but once you start observe the changes around, you will soon found out the seasons has changed. The tree on my office car park has been blooming, not really a plant person so I got no ideas what's the name.