Feb updates - Thoughts on camera & photography


Hasn't been updating my blog for a while, it really take a lot of discipline to update a blog; and for a lazy man like me, it is really tough. For all my friends who is in my facebook friend list will know that I have been uploading a lot of photo's lately, so most properly you can know what I done lately; if you haven't saw my facebook photo's, head to my facebook photo album and take a look. Over here I will blog about my thought on my camera and photography.

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After my acquire of my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28, I have been taking lot & lot's of photo, I first interested to learn photography back way to my form 1~2, I even joined a photography club that time (when we still using those analog film camera) but didn't really took off, it was really an expensive hobby for my age that time. Along the way, I manage to get hold on some digital camera and took some shots, but it was last year I feel inspire to get a camera to be a bit more serious on photography.

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I have been thinking should I get a normal P&S camera or a bit spend more on DSLR, but after consider my budget I decided to get a superzoom P&S which will cater most of my need, I just not ready for a dslr yet at this point of time. (both skills & $$)


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2 month has passed since I got my first superzoom camera, it has it pro and cons.

Pro: Light weight, 18x optical zoom, user friendly, good selection of photo mode and adjustment.

Cons: At time, the auto focus doesn't behave well. Photo sharpness still cannot compete with dslr. Any pictures taking any higher than ISO400 start to become very noisy.


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While I frustrated over inability over some of the camera limitations even with just a short 2 month period with my camera, I decided to  sharpen up my fundamental photography skills instead. At this moment, I realise that there are so much in photography and techniques other than just point and shoot. Knowing how to use the tool itself is one thing, and knowing how to capture a great screen is another whole lot's of story.