Looking back to year 2008

As year 2008 finally come to pass and working on year 2009 towards 2010, I decided to spend some times to thought about what I am going through in year 2008.

It has been a year of great challenge, there are goals and jobs that I success, I also have lot’s of failure; I have learned new things, made new friends, hopefully I didn’t make any new enemies though :p Through the grace of God, I have a greater look at myself, and what others though of me.

Personally I don’t like to dwell on my past failure, but what I need to do is to learn from my failure so that I try my best not to fail again in that areas. At this point, I just like to post out some events/ thoughts God has bring me through.

One of the significant change is my career I must said, while my job title remain the same, my job description has changed from pure hardware to hardware/software. So in my office sometime we joke about me as a midware support instead of hardware/ software support. Taking out the job as a software support has really help me see things in different perspective, since the software we support is involving account, inventory & sales, as a person who has no accounting background, I must said I struggle a lot; but in the progress I get to learn about basic accounting, inventory management and sales. Personally I appreciate my management to put enough trust on me to take out this role.

2nd, the opening of our very Youth Ablaze youth centre. It has always been my/our prayers that God will give us our 1 place that the youth can meet to fellowship, learn and praise & worship Him. Thanks to the leadership, we finally have our very own fix place where we don’t have to share with others, and also a place that we can have a bit less concern with music volume :p Since the place was sound proof, it also double up as a great place for P&W team practice, 2 birds in 1 stone. Thanks be to God that in year 2008, we also saw a great deal of changes in youth ministry and the life of the youths in general. Our numbers no doubt has increased, but more significantly is the change of attitude towards youth ministry. The youths are more taking more active role & responsible  in the meeting which is what we always wanted to see.

3th, our very own songs. In year 2008, God has given us the ability to write 2 songs for our youth camp. While it may not be a big deals to some, it is definitely has a big impact on my life; it is God answer to my prayer and what it mean to be obedience to Him. While the end result is not what we wanted at the beginning state, but it has go beyond what we planned, and it also stir in us a new challenge  and desire.

All in all, God has deal with me a new change that beyond what I have in my mind, He always been faithful, merciful, graceful to me in my life. So for year 2008, I must said a big THANKS YOU to my Father in heaven, but of course I also want to say a big THANKS YOU to all my family members, brother & sisters in Christ, colleagues and friends for any things that help me get through year 2008.