Windows Vista tips & tricks: Shortcut to run your quick launch


Today I will post a small tips for you all, but this only apply to those using windows vista. If you don't usually put programs shortcut to quick launch, maybe is time to think about it. Windows vista has put a nice little touch that for those programs that you put into quick launch, you can launch it using keyboard shortcut "windows + numeric key", from 1 to 0.

So let said you have words on the 1st position and excel on the 3rd position, when you want to launch excel, you just press "windows+3", then if you want to launch words you just press "windows+1". This tips has really help me when I want to open some programs real fast, instead of scroll through the list of programs or trying to find it in the desktop or even keying command line.

Hope it helps, if you guys want more detail or tips, just drop a words to let me know :)