Victoria Hotel Singapore

It has been almost 2 month away from my previous post. Been busy with work & ministry, and have no ideas for my blog. Been thinking to redo my blog layout, but ideas is always rare for me. Anyway, just been to singapore recently, i have been visiting SG(singapore) every years for the last 5~6 years, somehow i found a reason to visit, and this time is to attend 1 of my old friend from perth for her most special moments in her life. (I will post more on next blog)

While this post i wouldn't spend much time on it, since i havn't finish with the photo; so i just gonna talk a little bit about where i stay in singapore.
Victoria hotel has been my first choice for staying for the last few years due to 2 reasons, but it has change a bit this year due to the change of management.
1st. Cost, previously it was $60 a night but now it has double to $118.
2nd. Location, locate in victoria street just beside allson hotel. It give me the best locations for shopping (wants), walk across the street i can access to Swee Lim music(guitars), 3mins to my left have buggis junction(cloths & books), 5mins from there I can reach Sim Lim square (computers). 5~7mins walk on my right to Funan IT (computers, guitars & christain music), 3 mins ahead to City Hall MRT and link to SunTec and Marine square.

Previously for $60 pernight, this is the unbeatable bargain for me, while the rooms was not great, it was acceptable. Now it cost $118(hurt my wallet more though) it come with various improvements. Now it was cleaner (smaller thought), better bath room, come with fridge, tv, free 2 bottle of waters and free Wi-Fi in rooms.
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Here is my score for this hotel
Room : 3.5/5, 3/5 if not wifi
Services: 2.5/5, Didn't call for any room services, this is base on how i views the front desk.
Location: 4/5
Cost: 3/5, I know lot's of hotel cost more than this. I make a mistake that forgot to check with them include breakfast or not. If does, it will be 3.5~4/5 (depends of the foods)
Average: 3.25/5
Will I stay there again? I will said most properly I will, until the day i find a better bargain. If you guys know any better suggestion of hotel, please drop a comments. Thanks