iPod with a Touch touch

Finally, for all of you who read my blog, or if you are keeping track of the latest apple events from any sources, you will know that apple have finally came out with the new iPod design. It still name as iPod, but the design is fully resemble the iPhone with almost every ways, came with 8G or 16G model with a touch interface, WiFi, and a 3.5inch LCD, it runs the same platform as iPhone, so I assume lot’s of those hackers out there will try to hack this boy for anything. There also release a new version of iPod Nano(which some of them call it Fatty) and iPod Classic (the old iPod design with a whopping 160G HDD), seriously do you really need that much space for music and video on the go??? BTW, it seem like Apple gonna cut the price of 8G iPhone to US399You can check out the rest of the detail from www.apple.com, but the new iPod definitely is on my wish list for the time to come, want a iPhone but don’t want to use it for calling or just out of your budget? The new iPod is for you.