Pre Christmas Blessing

Christmas is coming to town (Sing). Christmas is coming, and I thanks God for all the blessing I have received even before Christmas. Cut it plain and simple, even this week I have already have a few makan session already. One I have mention on my blog, and soon after that, I have another makan session with another church members place at night. Today, we have another company lunch paid by our Sales manager Michael at dynasty restaurant, Chinese dim sum. Plenty and plenty of makan lately can’t even imagine how much weight I gain from all the good foods I have eaten.
To top it up, I want to thanks God for my boss for being generous to me and the staffs; we have received our salary early together with our bonus. While some other companies have problem paying their staff, and don’t even bother to mention about bonus. So really want to thanks God for all the blessing, and wishing every one Merry Christmas.