Last few post before 2007 >w<

Has been busy for the last 2 day and don't have time to post what i have been up to. I bought a Nintendo DS Lite, watched a movie, 2 pairs of guitar cable, meal after meal and went down to Miri to attend Shuyi wedding, and just backed from Miri after 2&1/2hr of driving. Then later on i gonna attend my 2nd bro new year eve party at his place. So really lot's of things going on this few days.
Hmmm, i think i will talk about Shuyi wedding dinner in this post. It is a bit embarrassing for my part, i went there by my self, and i forgot to contact with Richard coz i know he got invited and intent to go, so we can meet there then at least i know i got friend to talk to, but of coz since i forgot i have to walk in myself and hope that i can meet him. Anyway, i was assist to sit on 1 of the table with bunch of peoples than i never meet before, so i kind of quite most of the time. Enjoying the foods and the programs (singing and dancing) Edward(Shuyi husband) has a very good voice though!!! ^_^
Then at the end of the dinner when shuyi went out to the door way for shaking hands with the peoples, i greet her and she was shock. Later i found out from her that she actually reserved a sit for me and richard, and she though that we didnt made it. Oh my, oh my~~~ if i know early i should thick face a bit and asked the helper for my sitting >w<
Well, what past is past. It is still good to see her founded the man she want to entrust the rest of her life to him and spend with him. God bless you two for 2007 and the time to come, Edward and Shuyi.