Upgrade to be a supervisor?

Hmmm... Indeed this is totally unexpected and surprise to me. Receive a phone call from sister engmei asking which floor is our office is, then later on I saw her bringing Joasis with her. Later on, we realized that Joasis will be working with us as a short term helper, and automatically he was assign under me. For those who got no ideas who is Joasis, he is the son of brother Ooi (hello!!!! Isn’t that obvious he is the son of someone??) He is studying in st.andrew school as a form 3 student, and is one of our youth group members. So he gonna see me Monday to Sunday include youth meeting >w< He will be helping us for the next 3month during his school holiday, so now he will observe me how I do things daily, pray and hope that I can be a good example and teacher to him. Then, I hear from Michael our sale manager, Stephen son Joel might be joining us as well. Oh my~~~ sound like I gonna have a tough time to went by to take care our 2 youth with me??? Maybe I seriously need to pray for more strength, wisdom and patients lia.