After almost 2 weeks of waiting, my toys finally arrived. Got the call from post office officer yesterday to go and collect my stuffs.
I was excited when I went to collect the stuffs; altogether there are 3 Fix Figuration Gundams. 1st Gundam Strike Freedom, 2nd Gundam Ex-S and 3rd Gundam Destiny. My friend bought me one, while the other 2 I order it myself. Thanks man for the presence!!! I didn’t have chances to take a photo for my collections, since my parents bring the camera with them for the Canada trips (2months!!!). So as for now, I don’t think I can upload much photo at this time being.
Every time when I got new stuffs; like guitar, mp3, toys or even new knowledge, I was thrilled with excitement. Just like how kids response when they got their new toys, so I think at the end I still have a kid heart in me. However, I didn’t know this is good or not, I know that my journey for collecting new gears wouldn’t end here. So more $$ gonna fly out from my wallet >w<
I got the pictures from the internet and compose it to slide show for your viewing pleasure.